HYDE & K.A.Z │ Backstage, just before VAMPS LIVE 2014 BEAST PARTY


VAMPS - Time goes by


Take me back to 90’s :(




My favorite album.

Spanish of earth, but the general theme of the songs pertained to air or wind.

Despite that towering wig of Tetsuya, Hyde’s magical princess look, and Ken’s ‘fuck you Tetsu, I’d rather look dorky than wear granny clothes’, this is the period that I like the group most-visually speaking.  Maybe it is because they really photographed well despite the ludicrous get-up. And I really like kaftans. Hahaha.

Back to Tierra, I believe that this is the most well-put album thematically and structurally-speaking. The transition from song to song is seamless, natural.  The sound is light, despite the faster tempo and more grungy sound of some of the songs such as All Dead and Inner Core. But what makes this album amazing is the fact that Sakura’s drumming seemed perfect in this body of work. Now, I don’t what to rehash the issue Sakura vs. Yukkie -who’s the better drummer?, but let’s face it, Tetsu’s bass always and totally drowned out the rhythm of Sakura’s drumming to the point that all I can hear are cymbals striking and nothing else on drums.  But not in this album.  Okay there are exceptions like in Blame wherein the bassline is driving the song, yet for the most parts, Sakura sounded pretty strong. 

I also like the variety of the songs that each member contributed to this album. Hyde penned two of his greatest songs in my own opinion in this album with In the Air and All Dead; Tetsu did too with Blame (that bassline is simply sick!) and the classic Blurry Eyes. Even Sakura had his lone composition, Inner Core, which is one of the most hardcore rock songs of L’Arc~en~Ciel. And what about that beauty Kaze no Yukue and the amazing White Feathers, not to mention the cool Wind of Gold and the soothing Nemuri no Yosete?  The only song that I’m not really fond of is Hitomi ni Utsuru Mono and mostly because it’s too simple.

Tierra is a classic and while it sounded far different from what is the band’s music today, it is so distinctly L’Arc~en~Ciel and only with their immense talent can produce a treasure such as this album!

I always want to named my future daughter tierra :)))))


This is a great photo.

What makes it so in my estimation is that it captured L’Arc~en~Ciel the way I imagine them outside of the band.

Ken- serious, knowledge and continuous learning is important to him

Tetsu- refined, someone who enjoys high-living

Hyde- introspective, always lost in his world

Sakura- playboy, loves to ogle women

Jack Kilmer - Palo Alto